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  • Pottiputki Planting Tool 63mm


    Cheviot Trees are proud to distribute the Pottiputki range of planting tools and harnesses in the UK.

    The Pottiputki is the original, tried and proven planting tool for Cell Grown trees. Manufactured in Finland from high strength steel the tool is ergonomically designed to achieve maximum planting rates with minimal planter stress. When used in combination with the Planting Harness the Pottiputki system enables planting to be carried out from an upright position.

    Features and benefits of the Pottiputki:

    • Ergonomically correct working position.
    • Adjustable planting depth.
    • Light and comfortable for extended use in the field.
    • Rubber coated handle fitted with damping spring.
    • Jaws are oil-hardened.
    • Sturdy and robust construction.
  • Acer platanoides - Norway Maple

    from £0.66

    Acer platanoides - Norway Maple is a beautiful fast growing tree of large stature which is best suited to parkland or settings where its superb autumn colour can be fully appreciated.

    Deciduous. Native to Central / Eastern but widely adapted to the UK. Norway Maple has a typical maple shaped leave which turns bright yellow in the autumn.

  • Acer campestre - Field Maple


    Acer campestre - Field maple is a versatile and resilient fast growing small to medium sized tree that is also suitable for hedgerow planting.

    It is a colourful species; the attractive five lobed leaves are flushed red in Spring, turning green and then yellow / gold in the Autumn. Deciduous. Native to the UK

    Our cell grown Field Maple plants are often used for hedge planting either on their own or mixed with other species such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel etc. Usually at a planting density of 6 plants per metre.