Controlled Release Fertiliser (1kg bag)
  • Controlled Release Fertiliser (1kg bag)

Controlled Release Fertiliser (1kg bag)

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The next generation of fertiliser.

Our Controlled Release Fertiliser can assist as an aid to successful establishment, especially on poor soils. The specific mix contains all the essential nutrients required by the plant and the specially formulated coating ensure that the nutrient is released gradually over at least one growing season.

The granular fertiliser is packed in convenient 1kg packs (adequate for 100 trees). A small pinch of fertiliser (around 10g) is required per tree and this can be applied into the planting hole by the planter.

The phosphorous and potassium will help rooting and thus establishment. The nitrogen and potassium/magnesium balance will enable strong growth during summer, and the potassium and trace element content will help enable sufficient hardening off in autumn.

Why use CRF from Cheviot Trees?

It's powerful! Every granule contains a specific mixture optimised nutrient mix

It has longevity! Gradually releasing nutrients to the root zone over at least one growing season.

It's cost effective! A vastly reduced application rate when compared to other products = less labour costs.

It's eco-friendly! The leaching of nutrients is minimised as each granule has an organic coating.

Analysis: 11-22-9 (6MgO) + TE.


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