Packaging & Delivery

How will my order be packaged?

At the time of despatch we check the quality of every single tree when carefully removing it from its growing tray. We then pack 10 plants together in a bundle by applying a piece of stretch wrap around the outside of the root plugs.

The bundles of plants are then either packed into boxes for smaller orders or on to pallets.

How should I store my plants once I receive delivery?

Unpack the bundles from the boxes or pallets and stand them upright (the delivery boxes / pallets can be re-purposed for this task). 

Store them outside until you are ready to plant. We suggest planting within 4 weeks of arrival if you receive them during the autumn/winter months and within a few days during the spring/summer.

Water the plants upon arrival if you receive them during the spring or summer but do not allow the plants to sit in water for a prolonged period.

How much does delivery cost?

In most cases our online shop will calculate the estimated delivery cost at the checkout stage. This cost is based on the items in your shopping basket and your delivery location.

Delivery Costs