Recycling logoMost tree shelters are manufactured from Polypropylene (PP) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE),both of which can be recycled at the end of their useful life, even if they have been exposed to years of use in forestry and landscape situations.

Once collected they can be cleaned and re-processed by specialist recycling companies. The processed material can then be converted into new plastic products such as outdoor furniture, plastic containers and even new tree shelters!

It is not possible to recycle other tree protection types such as spiral guards (PVC) as they contain additional additives to achieve the desired material quality.


Tree shelters for recyclingTree shelters are lightweight but bulky to transport, so should be nested and packed as densely as possible into bulk bags to minimise volume for economical handling and transport.

There are a number of nationwide collection and recycling Companies, all of which offer an excellent service.

The more local the better, this will be more economical and environmentally efficient, reducing road miles travelled for what is a lightweight and bulky product.

Once at a collection depot, the tree shelters are usually baled and condensed for efficient longer distance travel to recycling plants.

To assist, and in the interests of economic and environmental efficiency,  we list below some well known companies which have substantial UK coverage and could be local to you. There may also be other recycling options closer to home that you should look out for.


Agri.Cycle Ltd

Nationwide via local agents

01673 878215

Borders Machinery Ring

Scottish Borders, Lanarkshire & North Northumberland

01896 758091

David Ritchie & Sons Ltd


01479 812288

FarmXS Ltd

Most of England & the Welsh Borders

08455 190180

Grass Roots

Wilts, Somerset, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Somerset

01985 217882
(Sam Williams)


South West

07492 739150
(Ben Gibbons)

H&M Recycling


07812 899032 (Henry)

Heritage & Sons

English Midlands

07712 622 636
(Paul Heritage)

Kitson Recycling Ltd

Southern England (not Devon or Cornwall)

01264 736733
(Ian Kitson)

Peter Allison Agri Services

North East Scotland

07713 631995

Solway Recycling Ltd

Scotland & Northern England

01387 730666
(Kenny Ritchie)



01621 874201   
(or via Cheviot Trees) (or via Cheviot Trees)

If a local solution is not available to you.....

then we are happy to assist and co-ordinate the uplift and transportation of your tree shelters through the TUBEX nationwide collection and recycling service . This may be a more expensive option, given haulage distances involved.

Tubex collection & recycling programmeTUBEX reprocess and reuse the plastic recovered to make new Tree shelters. TUBEX will only recycle their own products.

Empty bulk bags can be purchased via our webshop here.