Biosecurity and Plant Health Statement

Cheviot Trees operates industry leading biosecurity measures, to ensure that our nursery remains clean and disease free.

Our nursery is registered with the Scottish Government Plant Health Department, and is routinely inspected by the Scottish Inspectorate (Horticulture and Marketing Unit).

We have responsible staff, trained in plant health matters.

Our UK Plant Passport registration number is S 00428.

Cheviot Trees holds a Plant Healthy Certificate issued by Grown in Britain.  This demonstrates that we set high voluntary standards in plant biosecurity. Our Certificate No. is PHCS-0013-UK
Plant Healthy Certification No. PHCS-0013-UK

To supplement our own tree production, it is sometimes necessary for Cheviot Trees to buy in plants from the Nursery Trade.  Should this need arise, we take into consideration all current advice and regulations, and we abide by all current movement notification rules and all industry guidelines that may be in place at the time.

Prior to the purchase of plants from any supplier, we Risk Assess both the supplier and the species in question.  We treat the biosecurity of our nursery and that of the UK environment in the highest regard and will not handle or deal with any plant that risks the health of these environments.  We take all reasonable precautions.

In specific relation to Xylella spp. -

Based upon current national policy and information available from DEFRA, APHA and other sources globally, Cheviot Trees Ltd. will not knowingly procure any species directly from, or originating in, any area that has had a confirmed outbreak of Xylella spp. We will not handle or deal with any ‘High Risk host’ species regardless of where they originate.

This policy is subject to review in the light of any further information or legislation that may come into force.

Should you have any concern or question in respect of Plant Health matters, or Xylella specifically, please contact our Sales Team directly via

Harry Frew.

Managing Director