Choosing the most suitable seed source has always been important in forestry. Cheviot Trees place great emphasis on offering our customers stock from a wide selection of seed sources in order to meet all planting objectives.

Cheviot Trees produce planting material for native planting projects and also productive forestry schemes.

Seed Source Provenance Map

Native trees and shrubs support a wider range of plants and animals than introduced species. They maintain local character and conservation value, they thrive in particularly harsh local conditions and are more likely to survive and flourish than most introduced species.

The genetic makeup of local provenance ensures that they are better adapted to local conditions. They are better suited to soil conditions and temperature fluctuations, high rainfall and higher wind speeds.

The UK is split into 24 native seed zones which are defined areas within which similar ecological and climate characteristics are found. We produce stock from most seed zones in the UK.


ForestWhere high quality timber production is the primary objective, selected or improved planting material is preferable. Selected/registered seed sources will generally provide better form and faster initial growth when compared to source identified material.

We also offer material from a wide selection of improved seed sources which are genetically superior and offer measurable improvements in growth/form etc. Cheviot Trees can provide Sitka Spruce, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, Scots Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Atlantic cedar, Silver Birch, Aspen and Maritime pine from Improved seed sources. As an innovative and pioneering company, we are pleased to support the Future Trees Trust who are a charity dedicated the improvement on broadleaved trees.

To help our customers make informed decisions we have published a set of species specific seed source factsheets that provide information on the provenance of the reproductive material, plus useful guidance on relevant subjects including site suitability, timber properties & establishment.

We produce stock from the following categories of seed sources:

Seed Source Categories