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  • Dia.: 73-105mm
  • Material Type: Bio Based
  • TUBEX Nature Standard - Biodegradable design

    from £1.62

    The TUBEX nature is a next generation tree shelter that is bio based, non toxic and tested to be biodegradable*.

    It retains all of the superior features of a Tubex treeshelter whilst introducing biodegradability in its composition.

    The benefits of TUBEX nature:

    • Bio-based
    • Non toxic
    • Designed to be Soil Biodegradable**
    • High quality and fit for purpose
    • No end of life costs for removal or recycling

    Shelter features:

    • Twin wall, cylindrical construction for best strength to weight ratio.
    • Pre-fitted releasable ties for quick installation and maintenance.
    • Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion.
    • Laser line designed to split to avoid strangulation as the plant grows.

    It is important to install the TUBEX nature shelter windward (facing the prevailing wind). More info here