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  • Categories: Planting Accessories
  • Height: 600mm
  • Dia.: 50mm
  • Dia.: 73-105mm
  • Material Type: Bio Based
  • BIO Spiral Guard (Green tint)

    from £0.58

    Cheviot Trees is pleased to offer its clients a more sustainable alternative to traditional PVC spiral guards.

    Manufactured from sustainable plant based starch - no petrochemical based material.

    The CT Bio Spiral guard has a UV stabiliser incorporated at the time of manufacturing to provide a stable service life of 4-5 years.

    • 100% plant based - no plastic!
    • Tested to meet conformity to EU guidelines
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    If the Bio Spirals are left in the environment they will degrade over time due to the bacteria found in soil or due to enzymatic reactions. Alternatively, they can be inserted into an industrial composting unit which will degrade them within 6 months.

  • TUBEX Nature Standard - Biodegradable design

    from £1.62

    The TUBEX nature is a next generation tree shelter that is bio based, non toxic and tested to be biodegradable*.

    It retains all of the superior features of a Tubex treeshelter whilst introducing biodegradability in its composition.

    The benefits of TUBEX nature:

    • Bio-based
    • Non toxic
    • Designed to be Soil Biodegradable**
    • High quality and fit for purpose
    • No end of life costs for removal or recycling

    Shelter features:

    • Twin wall, cylindrical construction for best strength to weight ratio.
    • Pre-fitted releasable ties for quick installation and maintenance.
    • Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion.
    • Laser line designed to split to avoid strangulation as the plant grows.

    It is important to install the TUBEX nature shelter windward (facing the prevailing wind). More info here