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  • TUBEX Standard

    from £0.73

    The TUBEX Standard is the world's best known and best selling tree shelter.

    Incorporating all the tried and tested TUBEX features to provide enhanced growth and plant protection. 

    Features and benefits:

    • Twin wall, cylindrical construction for best strength to weight ratio.
    • Pre-fitted releasable ties for quick installation and maintenance.
    • Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion.
    • Laser line designed to split to avoid strangulation as the plant grows.

    For species that require extra ventilation or for exposed sites you may wish to consider the TUBEX Combitube as an alternative.

  • TUBEX Combitube

    from £0.97

    The TUBEX Combitube has all the design features of a Standard shelter but also offers increased ventilation in the form of a number of 4mm perforations at the top of the shelter.

    TUBEX Combitube shelters are designed for more exposed sites where there is a greater contrast between growing conditions within the shelters and those without.

    Ideally suited for Beech, Oak, Wild Cherry and Lime as these species require a more ventilated environment.

    Features and benefits include:

    • Twin wall, cylindrical construction for best strength to weight ratio.
    • Pre-fitted releasable ties for quick installation and maintenance.
    • Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion.
    • Laser line designed to split to avoid strangulation as the plant grows.

    A stake is required to support this product.

  • BIO Spiral Guard (Green tint)

    from £0.70

    Cheviot Trees is pleased to offer its clients a more sustainable alternative to traditional PVC spiral guards.

    Manufactured from sustainable plant based starch - no petrochemical based material.

    The CT Bio Spiral guard has a UV stabiliser incorporated at the time of manufacturing to provide a stable service life of 4-5 years.

    • 100% plant based - no plastic!
    • Tested to meet conformity to EU guidelines
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    If the Bio Spirals are left in the environment they will degrade over time due to the bacteria found in soil or due to enzymatic reactions. Alternatively, they can be inserted into an industrial composting unit which will degrade them within 6 months.

  • Round Softwood Stakes

    from £1.38

    Our treated softwood stakes are machine rounded and available in a wide selection of sizes to suit all purposes. Primarily used for fencing and supporting larger specimen trees.

    Pressure treated with pressure solution under high vacuum pressure which ensures deep penetration into the timber cells for a longer lasting protection.

    Our stakes are well sorted and graded but please allow for a small amount of breakages due to the nature of the product.

    Cheviot Trees hold an FSC® Certification on our softwood stakes (FSC-C140467). The FSC® system allows business and consumers to identify, purchase and use wood and other forest products from well managed forests and other controlled sources. Please ask for more information 

  • Treeguard Mesh Roll - green netting

    from £51.93

    The Treeguard material is manufactured in the same way as Shelterguard but has no film bonded to the inside – it’s just a pure net. If you are planting conifers, or any species that requires plenty of air movement around the plant then the Treeguard is the ideal protection option.

    Supplied on rolls and can be easily cut to create bespoke sizes of tree shelters. Simply cut and fix to the stake using our releasable cable ties.

    UV stabilised material for a long service life.

    The Treeguard material is often the preferred choice for visually sensitive sites due to the products ability to merge ‘quietly’ into the background.

    We also supply this product in the form of prefabricated guards that come pre-fitted with tie(s) either in a regular or wide diameter.

  • Carpinus betulus - Hornbeam

    from £0.73

    Carpinus betulus - Hornbeam is an excellent versatile species which can either be used for forestry purposes or for hedging. If grown for hedging the leaves will stay on throughout most of the winter. 

  • TUBEX Shelterguard Mesh

    from £1.12

    The TUBEX Shelterguard Mesh provides reliable plant protection, enhances growth as well as being designed to blend subtly into the natural environment.

    The Shelterguard Mesh is manufactured from a square plastic netting with a bonded clear plastic film to provide a micro-climatic environment. The film offers added shelter from wind and herbicide spray, allows light to penetrate and acts like a greenhouse.

    Features and benefits:

    • Pre-fitted with releasable ties.
    • Moulded top lip to minimise stem abrasion.

    A stake is required to support this product.

    We also supply the Shelterguard in a wider diameter for shrubby species and also in roll form that can be cut to length.

  • Cornus sanguinea - Common Dogwood

    from £0.61

    Cornus sanguinea - Common Dogwood is a native shrub that grows well is wet soils and is normally found along woodland edges and in hedgerows. It is a good choice for game cover.

    Deciduous with fresh green leaves that have distinctive curved veins. The leaves turn a rich crimson colour in the Autumnn.

    Creamy white flowers are produced in clusters which once pollinated by insects develop into small black berries which are eaten by birds and mammals.

    Our cell grown Dogwood plants are often used for hedge planting either on their own or mixed with other species such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dog rose etc at a planting density of 6 plants per metre.

  • Cotoneaster lacteus - Milkflower Cotoneaster

    from £0.73

    Cotoneaster lacteus - Milkflower Cotoneaster is a dense evergreen shrub that can be used for an informal hedge or screen.

    Its main attraction is the clusters of creamy white flowers which persist all summer and then masses of red berries are produced in the autumn and stay on the plant until the winter.

    This species has a wide arching habit with large leathery leaves with deep veins which have a furry underside. 

  • Leader Shield PLUS

    from £23.76

    Introducing the Leader Shield PLUS. Providing all year round protection against browsing.

    The Leader Shield is affixed during the dormant season and each year re positioned on the new shoot.

    Features and benefits:

    • Low cost
    • Easy to use
    • Millions sold throughout Europe.
    • The blue colour deters deer, which prevents chafing.
    • UV protected.
    • Re-usable with a a life span of approx. 10 years depending on UV exposure

    This product is suited to faster growing coniferous species. We also have available the regular Leader Shield which is suited to slower growing coniferous species

  • Anchoring Pegs (Steel)

    from £0.13

    Use our steel anchoring pegs to securely anchor mulch mats or films to the ground.

    Our steel anchoring pegs are easy to install and offer secure anchorage.


    • 200mm length
    • 'J' shaped with an prong on the top to grip the mat.
    • Copper washed steel wire. Copper reduces the effects of rust on the wire.

    How many pegs do I need?

    • 5 pegs per 500mm x 500mm mulch mat
    • 10 pegs per 1000mm x 1000mm mulch mat
    • 1 peg every 50cm on both sides if you are using a mulch roll.
  • Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweetgum

    from £1.43

    Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweetgum is a large deciduous tree which is often mistaken for a maple. Native to the USA and Mexico but introduced to the UK several hundred years ago. The primary interest with this species in the stunning Autumn foliage colour.

    It has glossy, green maple like leaves that turn brilliant fiery crimson, purple and orange in the Autumn. It has a very attractive corky bark which is a feature on established trees.

  • Liriodendron tulipifera - Tulip Tree

    from £1.43

    Liriodendron tulipifera - Tulip tree; named after its characteristic tulip shaped flowers which  are yellow with an orange flare at the base.  Native to North America where its timber is highly regarded. Most commonly planted in the UK as a specimen tree or as part of a mixed woodland.

    In our opinion the main attraction of the tulip tree is the stunning autumn colours of golden yellows and coppery browns. 

  • Filipendula ulmaria - Meadowsweet

    from £0.90

    Filipendula ulmaria - Meadowsweet is an attractive plant which is idea for growing in damp soil and boggy areas such as the edge of a pond. It is mostly grown for its foliage, which emerges a fresh golden-green, fading to gold in summer, especially when grown in strong sun.

    The plant puts much of its energy into developing its flower spikes and if allowed to flower the blooms have a strong sweet scent.  During the flowering period of June to August the creamy white blossoms provide a sweet scent and the rich pollen attracts bees, hoverflies and small beetles. 

  • Leucanthemum vulgare - Oxeye Daisy

    from £0.90

    Leucanthemum vulgare - Oxeye Daisy, is a perennial wildflower that will do very well and endure year after year when given the right growing conditions.  It is often found growing in grassland and wildflower meadows. It will often colonise open ground if left to its natural devices and are particularly rampant in fertile soil. Leucanthemum vulgare bears a medium to tall un-branched stem topped by a solitary daisy flower from May to September. A very tolerant wildflower, it will grow in a wide range of soils but prefer rich, moist, loamy soils for the best results. 

    Leucanthemum vulgare is known for attracting bees, beneficial insects, birds, butterflies​/​moths and other pollinators. It has nectar-pollen-rich-flowers, has seeds for birds and is a caterpillar food plant.

  • Primula vulgaris - Primrose

    from £0.90

    Primula vulgaris - Primrose, is one of the most familiar signs of spring. Typically found in woodlands and beneath hedgerows, it thrives in damp shade in a variety of situations. It provides an early source of nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinators and is used as a caterpillar foodplant by several species of moth.

    It grows particularly well in a cool, shaded spot such as a woodland border. It associates particularly well with daffodils, which flower at the same time.