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  • Calluna vulgaris - Native Wild Heather


    Calluna vulgaris - Native Wild Heather is the dominant heath plant in many parts of the UK. It has a wide range and is widely distributed throughout Europe as far North as the Faroe Islands.

    Mauve pink flowers bloom from July to September which create a colourful scene in the countryside. 

    Native heather is an important source of food for butterflies and bees with hives often located on heather moorland in the Summer where the bees can easily obtain the nectar from the heather flowers to produce a very distinctive and much sought after ‘heather honey’.

    The majority of the plants that we supply are used for heathland restoration projects in the countryside or on golf courses. 

  • Cornus sanguinea - Common Dogwood

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    Cornus sanguinea - Common Dogwood is a native shrub that grows well is wet soils and is normally found along woodland edges and in hedgerows. It is a good choice for game cover.

    Deciduous with fresh green leaves that have distinctive curved veins. The leaves turn a rich crimson colour in the Autumnn.

    Creamy white flowers are produced in clusters which once pollinated by insects develop into small black berries which are eaten by birds and mammals.

    Our cell grown Dogwood plants are often used for hedge planting either on their own or mixed with other species such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dog rose etc at a planting density of 6 plants per metre.

  • Rosa rugosa Alba - Ramanas Rose (White)

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    Rosa rugosa Alba - Ramanas Rose is a large robust shrub that produces large, beautiful and very fragrant bowl shaped flower that are silky white.  It  flowers earlier than our native Dog Rose and often repeat flowers during the Spring and Summer.  Very large, red hips follow the flowers.

    The stems are covered in small spines which makes it ideal for an impenetrable and dense hedge or barrier. 

    A good all rounder. Attractive, good disease resistance, fast growing and very tolerant of exposure and coastal locations.

    We also produce Rosa rugosa which has fuchsia pink flowers.