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  • Abies alba - European Silver Fir

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    Abies alba - Silver fir is a long-living conifer upright-growing evergreen conifer with dark green needles that are silver underneath. The yellow-green cones which appear in late spring are cylindrical in shape and ripen to brown.

    The strong, lightweight timber is mainly used for construction, furniture, plywood and pulpwood. Young trees are also popular as Christmas trees. Ecologically, the tree is important for maintaining high biodiversity in forested areas. The tree’s deep taproots offering stability, alongside its easily biodegradable needle litter, are key in the establishment and management of silvicultural systems.

    Silver fir is shade-tolerant and able to act as a “seedling bank” under the canopy of older dominant trees for decades.

  • Cedrus atlantica - Atlas Cedar

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    Cedrus atlantica - Atlas Cedar is a large evergreen conifer with silvery blue needles. The branches are horizontal and stiff.

    Native to Morocco and Algeria in the Atlas Mountains where it is often grown as a pure stand. It is the only African tree that thrives in the UK, and most of the plants that we produce are used by our customers in the Southern and Eastern areas of the UK, as it is capable of withstanding periods of drought once established.

    It produces strong and durable timber that is renowned for its strong and persistent fragrance.

    Learn more about Atlas Cedar by reading our factsheet.