Good weed control around newly planted trees and shrubs is vital to reduce moisture stress and competition. This will improve plant survival and enhance growth.

Although herbicides can provide weed free conditions, mulching promotes enhanced survival and growth by reducing water loss and increasing soil temperature.

We offer 2 different types of professional mulch material.

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  • Size: 1000x1000mm
  • Woven Polypropylene Mulch Mat

    from £0.16

    Our high quality woven polypropylene mulch mats provide reliable suppression against weed growth.

    • Heat sealed edges to prevent fraying.
    • Slit to the centre for easy installation.
    • Helps to suppress weed growth around the root area.
    • Permeable; allows air, nutrients and water to pass through.
    • Reduces moisture loss.

    The woven style of this fabric creates a very strong mulch mat which helps to resist tearing and blowing free in windy conditions.

    Mulch mats are anchored into position by anchoring pegs (sold separately). Use 5 pegs per 500mm x 500mm mulch mat or 10 pegs per 1000 x 1000mm mulch mat.