Cheviot Trees grow a selection of specialist species of grasses for planting in and around wetland areas, to handle and treat water run off, for peatland restoration and for planting in coastal locations to help reduce erosion.

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  • Ammophila arenaria - Marram Grass

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    We are specialist growers of Ammophila arenaria - Marram Grass plants from British seed for coastal erosion projects.

    Marram Grass is our native coastal grass and it does a fantastic job of helping to stabilise sand dunes protecting coastal defences.

    It grows from a network of underground rhizomes which give it a sturdy anchor to the sand and allow it to spread upwards.

    Growing in stiff, hardy clumps the foliage is grey green in colour and it produces light brown flowerheads.

    Suggested planting density: 5 plants per square metre.

  • Eriophorum angustifolium - Cottongrass

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    Eriophorum angustifolium - Cottongrass (often referred to as bog cotton) is an evergreen perennial that forms vigorously spreading clumps.  It enjoys the harshest of environments - boggy, open, peat areas where there is little other competition.

    Pure white silky haired seed heads form after flowering.  Cottongrass seeds and stems are edible and can used for medicinal purposes.  The fluffy seed heads have also been used as a substitute to stuffing pillows.

    It provides an excellent habituate for wildlife and is a pond essential.