Cell Grown Plants

Every year our nursery in the Scottish Borders produces millions of cell grown broadleaves, conifers, shrubs, hedging plants and a range of other species for environmental planting.  Our species range is extensive and we have species to suit all planting objectives.

Cell grown plants can be planted almost all year round and offer excellent survivability as they are supplied with a complete and intact fibrous root system.

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  • Cedrus atlantica - Atlas Cedar

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    Cedrus atlantica - Atlas Cedar is a large evergreen conifer with silvery blue needles. The branches are horizontal and stiff.

    Native to Morocco and Algeria in the Atlas Mountains where it is often grown as a pure stand. It is the only African tree that thrives in the UK, and most of the plants that we produce are used by our customers in the Southern and Eastern areas of the UK, as it is capable of withstanding periods of drought once established.

    It produces strong and durable timber that is renowned for its strong and persistent fragrance.

    Learn more about Atlas Cedar by reading our factsheet.

  • Juniperus communis - Common Juniper

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    Juniperus communis - Juniper is a small evergreen conifer that is native to the UK.

    Small green needles with a prickly point. Juniper is dioecious so the male and female flowers grown on separate plants.  Once pollinated by wind the female flowers develop into fleshy purple berries.

    The berries are popular for flavouring gin but they are equally favoured birds who eat the berries. Juniper is also an important habitat for small mammals and nesting birds due the dense cover that it provides.