Why Use Cell Grown Trees?

Cell Grown Prunus avium (Wild Cherry)PLANTING SEASON

Cell Grown trees can be planted over a much extended planting season - almost all year round in some situations. This provides flexibility, convenience and more effective establishment in warmer soils and better weather outside of the traditional planting season.


The roots are contained and protected by compost so the young fibrous roots suffer no drying out or damage. The whole intact fibrous root system is easily planted due to the uniform and tidy shape of the cell.


Cells can be easily stored outside prior to planting, and do not require labour intensive heeling in or expensive cold-storage.


Their shelf life means no huge rush to plant, and their easily planted root system gives better chance of successful and proper installation into the ground. These features enable inexperienced planters and volunteers to plant successfully.


As the root system of cell grown stock is intact this ensures a high level of successful establishment and virtually eliminates the need of costly beating up.


Cells can initially be a few pence more to buy than bareroot stock, for certain species. The cost saved by eliminating beating up however is substantial and far outweighs the initial extra pennies in the long run.

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