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 Cheviot Trees Cell Grown Plants Brochure
  Cheviot Trees Planting Accessories Brochure

Our brochure contains lots of useful information. From choosing the right seed source to meet your planting objectives, to getting the right protection for the young trees once planted.

Download a copy of our brochure

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Bioengineering Products

We  specialise in producing material for bioengineering river erosion works and to soften civil engineering products.

Download Bioengineering Products leaflet

Focus on Working Wetlands

Turn the handling and disposal of your existing waste water run off into an attractive landscape and environmental feature.

Download Focus on Working Wetlands leaflet

Focus on Coastal Erosion

A helpful introduction to using Ammophila arenaria (Marram Grass) to help in the prevention of coastal erosion.

Download Focus on Coastal Erosion leaflet

Successful Hedge Planting

A practical guide to selecting and establising a successful hedge.

Download A guide to Successful Hedge Planting

Pond and Reedbed Creation

If you're considering creating a pond or reedbed then this helpful guide will get you started. We can assist with planning, design and planting.

Download Focus on Working Wetlands leaflet

Supply of Native, Traceable Stock

Due to ever increasing demand for native and local provenance stock, this leaflet advises and guides you through the detail.

Download A guide to the supply of Native, Traceable Stock

The Countryside Benefits

Cheviot Trees can assist with planning, design and grant application implementation, providing tailored solutions.

Download The Countryside Benefits leaflet

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