Planting for Christmas Trees

Cell Grown Christmas TreesCheviot Trees have seen an increase in the demand of species used for Christmas tree production. The Cell Grown plants flexibility in planting time has enabled Christmas tree growers to plant when it suits them.

Our quality of stock grown is second to none with constant repeat orders somewhat dictating the species we grow and the volumes in which we grow them. The fact that certain species used for the production of Christmas Trees often run low is more evidence to suggest that the Cell Grown plant is by some growers the preferred method of production. The superb quality we have been able to offer in recent years, have, we are sure also contributed to the current shortfall on the open market.

We produce many species suitable for Christmas tree production including Fraser fir, Norway spruce, Blue spruce and noble fir, however our most popular species is Nordman fir due to its excellent needle retention qualities when cut and highly desirable shape and colour.


All of our Christmas tree plants are produced from seed that has been specifically collected from trees that exhibit desirable properties for Christmas tree production. This is a very important consideration as the correct provenance can make all the difference when the production of premium quality trees is the primary objective.

Seed that has been collected from ‘timber production’ trees is unsuitable for Christmas tree production as they typically have a fast rate of growth and fine branching – the opposite of what is required for good Christmas trees.

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