Riverbank erosion repairs using willowUsing bioengineering and soft landscaping, riverbank erosion repairs can be undertaken leaving a natural appearance which blends into the surroundings and becomes almost invisible. 

Incorporating sustainably produced Willow and native plant species a natural environment can be maintained.  Such methods are very much in line with the current strategies of the agri-environment schemes and the policies of environmental organisations such as SEPA and Natural England.

"Here at Cheviot Trees we grow large amounts of willow material on our sustainably managed plantations in the Scottish Borders for delivery to customers nationwide"

Whilst the end uses of Cheviot Trees’ willow is almost endless, we do specialise in producing material for bioengineering river erosion works and also to soften civil engineering products such as gabions, rock armour etc. Products available from Cheviot Trees include willow posts, bundles of weaving willow, faggots, fascines, mattings and wetland plants.

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Willow Spiling

Willow spiling (also known as willow revetments) is the use of woven living willow to form flexible, live, growing structures.

These will resist and deflect water flows, enabling bankings and vegetation to naturally regrow and bind themselves, thus preventing further erosion.

Willow spiling in situ along riverbank Diagram showing willow spiling in place.

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Willow EcoshutterWillow Ecoshutters

Our range of prefabricated willow Ecoshutter panels are manufactured from living willow rods that are woven into a panel with willow posts which act as ’legs’.

Ecoshutters are a convenient alternative to weaving on site, and can be installed with minimal onsite work.

 Ideally suited to sites with difficult access.

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Fixings, Mattings and Fabrics

MattingMattings and fabrics offer the additional reinforcement and stabilisation of slopes, bankings and even behind and above Willow spiling.

We supply a wide selection of mattings and fixings to suit all applications.

They provide longevity, strength and a plant friendly environment for use in more aggressive erosion locations, and allow vegetation and roots to establish securely.

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