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CT Bio Guard

CT Bio Guard

Cheviot Trees is pleased to offer its clients a 100% biodegradable tree guard.

Manufactured from polylactic acid, most commonly known as PLA, which is a polymer made from renewable sources. (Corn starch, sugarcane etc.)

The CT Bio Spiral guard has a biodegradable UV stabiliser incorporated at the time of manufacturing to provide a stable service life of 4-5 years.

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CT Bio Spiral Guard Prices
  38mm Diameter 50mm Diameter
Qty  600mm 600mm
Part No. C143 C153
5,060+ POA POA
2,200+ 57p 75p
880+ 62p 82p
220+ 74p 97p
1+ 89p £1.18
CT Bio Spiral Vole Guard Prices
  38mm Diameter
Qty  200mm
Part No. C141
8,000+ POA
4,000+ 16p
1,600+ 17p
400+ 20p
1+ 23p

Features and benefits include:

100% bio degradable - no plastic! Tested to meet conformity to EU guidelines. Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

PLA products biodegrade into water, carbon dioxide and organic materials. The process starts by utilising the moisture and heat present in the soil to split the polymer chains apart, creating smaller polymers, and finally lactic acid.  Mico-organisms in compost and soil will consume the smaller polymer fragments and lactic acid as nutrients. Since lactic acid is widely found in nature, a large number of organisms metabolise lactic acid. The end result is carbon dixide, water and humus, a soil nutrient.


600mm height, diameters of 38mm or 50mm. Packed in outers of 220. Colour: Green tint
200mm height, diameter of 38mm.  Packed in outers of 400.  Colour: Green tint

A cane is required to support the Spiral Guard.  See our guide to select the correct size.

NB. Prices shown do not include VAT which should be added at current rate.  Sizes shown are approximate. Prices include delivery on full packs.  Carriage is charged on orders for less than a full pack.


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