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Anchoring Pegs

Anchoring pegs for use with mulch mats

Weed control around newly planted trees and shrubs is vital to reduce moisture, stress and competition.

Although herbicides can provide weed free conditions, mulching promotes both survival and growth by restricting water loss and increasing soil temperature.

Mulch mats are anchored into position by anchoring (gripper) pegs.  Use 4 or 5 pegs per 50cm mat.   

Mulch roll is normally fastened with a combination of burying the end and a peg every 1 linear metre on both sides.

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Black Plastic Anchoring Pegs Prices
Qty  (A) Black Plastic 150mm
Part No. C703
2000 (2 packs of 1000) 5.1p
1000 (1 pack of 1000) 5.8p
Less than 1000 9.1p
Bamboo Anchoring Peg Prices
Qty  (C) Bamboo 150mm (Bio-degradable)
Part No. N/A
2000 (1 pack of 2000) 2.3p
Less than 2000 3.8p
Bio Plastic Anchoring Peg Prices
Qty  Bio Plastic 150mm
Part No. C713
20 packs (40000+) 7.7p
10 packs (20000+) 8.0p
5 packs (10000+) 8.5p
2 packs (4000+) 9.1p
1 pack (2000+) 10.1p
Steel Anchoring Peg Prices
Qty  (B) Steel 200mm
Part No. C718
10-25 packs (1000+) 11.7p
5-10 packs (500+) 13p
3-5 packs (300+) 14.3p
1-3 packs (100+) 18.7p
Less than 1 pack (<100) 18.3p
Steel Anchoring Staples Prices
Qty  Steel 150mm
Part No. C719
10-25 packs (1000+) 17p
5-10 packs (500+) 18.2p
3-5 packs (300+) 19p
1-3 packs (100+) 25.5p

NB. Prices shown do not include VAT which should be added at current rate.  Sizes shown are approximate. Prices include delivery on full packs.  Carriage is charged on orders for less than a full pack.


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